Speech and Language Therapy Assessments for Children in South London.

Range of Services

Language-for-Life provides assessment and therapy services for children with difficulties relating to:

  • Understanding of language
  • Use of language (i.e. ability to express thoughts and ideas)
  • Speech sound development, including lisps
  • Stammering
  • Word-finding
  • Sound awareness / pre-literacy skills
  • Attention and listening
  • Social communication
  • Speech and language difficulties associated with syndromes and disorders such as Autism, Down Syndrome, Williams Syndrome, Global Developmental Delay and Learning Difficulties

Location of Service

Language-for-Life is a domiciliary (home-based) service, so your child can have assessment and therapy in the comfort and familiarity of their own environment. We are located in South London.

Type of Service Delivery

All assessments and therapy are conducted on an individual basis, but active involvement from parents is encouraged.

Hours of Service

Language-for-Life provides Services from Monday through to Saturday. For children in full-time school, the appointment times are out of school hours so that they don’t miss valuable time at school. Termly visits to the child’s school are offered as part of the service to ensure that communication is always maintained between the school and the Speech and Language Therapist.

Liaison with Other Health and Education Professionals

As part of the Service, your child’s Speech and Language Therapist will liaise with other Health and Education Professionals as and when required. Permission is always obtained from parents prior to any information about children being passed onto or from other Health and Education Professionals. This permission can be given verbally or in writing, depending on the wishes of the parents.

It is usual practice to inform a child’s Medical Practitioner and local NHS Authority’s Speech and Language Therapy Department that he/she is being assessed and/or treated at Language-for-Life. However this is only done with parents’ permission.

Data Protection

Language-for-Life is registered with the Office of the Data Protection Registrar. All information on your child at Language-for-Life is used and stored in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. Copies of a child’s information can always be made available to the parents on request.


Fees are available on request

If you pay into a Health Fund, please check with your Health Provider if your plan covers your family for Speech and Language Therapy Services.

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